St. Petersburg Garden

St. Petersburg Garden

Friday, July 9, 2010

A coastal difference

I have always loved to throw parties. Notice the use of past tense here. When I lived in NYC, my house was the place for all of the gatherings, year round. That's just the way it was. Invites went out, whether by mail or phone or word of mouth and RSVPs always came back. Always. That too was just the way it was. As I've annoyingly discovered over the past few years living in San Diego, this is another one of the huge differences I have found between the east coast & the west coast. At first I thought it might just be a sign of the times. I know how busy things are, how hectic things can be, how some things just aren't top priority. F*ck that. This is about common courtesy people.

Since the first party we have thrown on the west coast, we have noticed that most people just don't care. Okay, so it's not everyone. There are a few people that are great - they respond to invites, whether it's yes or no - and we appreciate the courtesy and respect that they show which is why they get repeat invites and which is also why we attend their functions. But there are those that ignore or even worse, just don't show up. I forgot is not a valid excuse. This was a basic lesson taught in high school.

Right up there with the non-RSVPer is the "I changed my mind" guest. They say yes and as the date gets closer they decide they either have a better option or they just don't feel like coming anymore and come up with a usually lame reason for why they can't make it. What makes both of these types of invitees great is that at some point I have gone out of my way to attend functions for them. My favorite is this - both types of these guests will actually think nothing of what they've done and then invite you to they're next party or event and expect you to come. Seriously? I must have dumb ass written across my forehead. Well, actually I used to but no more. I got out the washcloth and scrubbed that sh*t off. So go ahead and invite me. Guess what the answer will be.

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