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St. Petersburg Garden

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sometimes you just Wonder

Do you every wonder why there are some people that seem to have all the luck? No matter what they do in life, things always go their way. From birth through childhood through teen years to adulthood, they seem to have it all. Sure, they may have the occasional hiccup and there may even be a point in their life where they do have a rough patch but overall the world seems to fall at their feet.

Then you have the others. Not much seems to go right for them. They try, do what they think is right and yet, no matter what, they can't seem to catch a break. It always seems like no matter which way they go there's a big pile of merde waiting for them to step in. It's tough cleaning that stuff off your shoes. I know. My shoes are covered in it.

They say you have to pay for your past. First of all, who the hell are "they" and why do we have to pay for someone else's past? We're in the present, in the here and now. It's bad enough I have no luck in this life - why am I paying for someone else's poor judgement? Wait a minute. Karma. You always hear talk of Karma. How you'll get what's coming to you. I never worried about this before. But now, hhhmm. Makes me wonder.

I used to have this game when I was a teenager called Past Lives. We loved that game. It was hysterical. I think it was funnier for my friends than it was for me. Why? Because I was Fatty Arbuckle every time we played. I'm talking every time. The irony is not lost on me.

What makes this even more ironic is since these teen years, everywhere I go people seem to be obsessed with my weight, whether big or little doesn't seem to matter. But that's another story. Have you read about Fatty Arbuckle's life? Probably not. I don't see why you would. You weren't him in a previous life like me.

He was initally charged with the murder of a young starlet. While he was found innocent, the public never viewed him the same and his Hollywood career was ruined. Interesting story. If you'd like to read more go to: Was he guilty? No one will ever know. But I must be paying for something......

So as the golden children settle back and enjoy life in luxury as one amazing day unfolds after the next, those of us merde steppers are perched to await whatever wondrous event will befall us. Let's just hope that board game wasn't giving me a glimpse into the future. It didn't go so well for Fatty.


  1. I think everyone has their cross to bear whether it is visible to others or only to one self. I don't see how YOU out of all people would feel so unlucky, but i probably do not know you enough. Looking from the outside, you are happily married to a wonderful guy, your parents are still alive and are close to you, you are healthy, very pretty, smart, seem to like your job (who wouldn't want to change) and have great friends who love you and get your humor! We are dealt a set of cards and we play with what we got, i think acceptance and maybe looking at situation from different angles help us in life in being happier. For example, i always wanted to have children and i married someone who was OK with adoption if we couldn't conceive. I made the choice of making sure i married a man who could deal with these types of issues, but also i am flexible enough to accept that i might not be able to conceive and went a different route and plan on adopting. Sometimes we blame Karma but often it is the choices we make or do not make that makes our path more difficult.

  2. LOL, sorry I have to laugh.... Fatty Arbuckle? I do happen to know his story (yes, I'm a font of useless info, esp Hollywood...) Never pictured you as Fatty Arbuckle in your past life, but sh*t if you were him, you are definitely paying for it now...
    Yes you do have a great life, but I know where you are coming from, it's definitley not a

  3. Hi Sweetie,

    I don't know exactly what is making you feel so unlucky but I definitely believe that we all go through it. Each and every one of us and it just plain sucks.

    Have you ever noticed though that our feelings are sometimes fleeting and the tiniest of circumstance can make a world of difference between happy and sad. Perceptions are the same way - they are never black and white or cut and dry.

    I remember one day at work, I received some really pretty flowers from Leo for valentine's day and a co-worker said to me, "Some of us aren't as lucky in life as you are" and I nearly lost my mind - literally. I had to keep remind myself that her perception was based only what was visible to her - nothing else.

    I proceeded to share with her a few choice tid-bits of my former life (pre-Leo) and let's just say that by the end, she was wide-eyed and falling over with apologies.

    I wish I knew what you were dealing with so that I could help in some way. (I'm always here) All I can do is remind you that you are beautiful and an amazing writer. You have a loving husband, parents who adore you and friends to support you.

    Big Hug!