St. Petersburg Garden

St. Petersburg Garden

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Ballpark Life

Like many college graduates, I find myself looking back to those years spent at my Alma mater with almost a sadness. Not because it was a awful time but actually quite the opposite - because it was such an amazing time and I miss it. At no other point in your life do you have such a sense of freedom, a time when you can enjoy yourself so much and you have the whole world ahead of you.

Life is generally enjoyable. It's the calm before the storm. It's that last bit of serenity before you are thrust into the harshness of the real world with no turning back. Ever. Oh, and it's pretty much paid for by someone else. That's my favorite part. You have to take advantage of that when you can because you won't get that too often. It's generally a once in a lifetime opportunity. You take it and run.

*Sigh* Alas, the college experience is over. We must now live with our memories and be content with what that experience has given us. A great education. Check. Fabulous memories and friendships. Check and check. An amazing career. Well, no. Ok, so not everything works out the way you think it will. But I'm not bitter. Much.

This is why when Boston University began offering alumni events, I was all on board. I had a great time when I was an undergrad so why not re-live that experience and see where it leads me. New friends? Perhaps. Definitely new memories. New career? Hhmm.

Honorary Alumni Mike and I have been to a few events to date and we've had a great time at them all but the front runner now has to be PETCO in the Park. Sure, it wasn't Yankee Stadium, but it was still an amazing experience and even if it were Fenway Park it would still have been a great tour. Well, almost. Thanks to a recent BU graduate, who organized the event, we were given a tour of the Padres ball park - top to bottom. After a brief hike, we stopped at the most important area - the Press Box.

Yes, the press is well taken care of - dining area, flat screen tv- I could get used to this. Sports Journalism was one of my better classes.....thank you Professor Jack Falla. We moved downward. To the belly of the beast. We moved through the Sony Home Plate Club and made our way towards the dugout. I would've ran around the bases but apparently they knew I was coming and placed signs all around. Keep off the Grass. Bummer. Guess my days of being a ball player were limited to posing in the dugout.

It was a pretty cool experience. I grew up a few miles away from Shea Stadium in Queens and have been going to games at Yankee Stadium since I was 8 years old. I've never taken a tour of either stadium. Thanks to Boston University Alumni we were able to see baseball from the inside.

Sign me up for all future events. Me and my honorary alumni are in. Afterwards we headed over to Wine Steals/Proper Pub for lunch. We had never heard of this place but it's definitely worthy of a return trip - I need a set of those wine glasses.

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