St. Petersburg Garden

St. Petersburg Garden

Friday, May 14, 2010

Can people really change? What if they're crazy?

You ever wonder why some people, who have spent their lives wreaking havoc on the lives of others, all of a sudden think of themselves as wonderful saviors who are trailblazing down the road of sainthood? Did they just wake up one day and forget about their past? Did they think that everyone else forgot about what they've done? Were they forgiven by some act of Divine Intervention and now therefore think they are a Vessel of Peace? I'm thinking, not so much. Especially when they are still up to their old ways and try to ruin the lives of others.

The only explanation is that we must be living in an alternate universe. Really. There isn't any other logical explanation. You can't be malicious and self-serving your whole life and then one day expect that the world will love you because you've supposedly turned into a charitable person. Or can you? Well, then, there just might be another explanation. See "Certifiable" in the dictionary.

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