St. Petersburg Garden

St. Petersburg Garden

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Call of The Wild

It all started out as a regular Friday night. We watched our usual shows, relaxed on the couch and then it was time for bed. Charlie (a.k.a "the baby") was jumping into bed to sink into his pillows beneath the covers as we were turning out the lights. Just our normal routine.

Ooooowwwooooooooooo. What the hell was that? I jumped up in bed, all traces of sleep now gone. Mike stirred, wondered what was going on. My main concern was "the baby". I searched under the covers for the little tyke to make sure he's okay when all of a sudden it hits me. Wait a minute. That noise. The baby. Hey.

Charlie was howling in his sleep. Seriously. Who knew that even happened? Sure, we all know dogs dream, but howl? It was like a mini wolf was sleeping under the covers. Who took Charlie? What did they do with our baby? Had Charlie secretly been reading Jack London when we weren't home? Was he now dreaming of the open plains?

We have ourselves to blame for this. We changed Charlie's diet to the raw food diet. He has allergies & it seemed to best way to go. If he were in the wild his food wouldn't be cooked. We researched all the benefits of the diet. We were sold. Nothing was ever mentioned about howling.

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