St. Petersburg Garden

St. Petersburg Garden

Saturday, October 16, 2010

NYC Tradition

Ahhh, Les Sans Culottes. This is always one of the first things that we think of when planning our trips to NYC. I'm serious. This is no ordinary restaurant I'm talking about here - this is tradition. Years of tradition. Always a night of fabulous fun. We have never been disappointed in how our evening turns out when we go to our French restaurant.

Yes, I said "our". We've been coming here for so long, we look at it like "our" place. We have "our" table. No one can sit at our round table in the corner when we are coming for dinner. That's where we sit. It just wouldn't be right. We even have our assigned seats. We always sit in the same seats. It's just common knowledge. Everyone knows. Even the owner. When she sees the five of us walk through the door, recognition immediately passes across her face. We're treated like family. At Les Sans, you can sit back and relax as everything is brought out. There's no rushing here. The atmosphere is fantastic.

It always starts with the giant basket of vegetables and huge array of salami brought to the table. Of course there's also pate and delicious crusty french rolls. This is what we have to enjoy until we decide we are done. After dinner and dessert - which are always amazing - we are given after dinner drinks, usually Amaretto or Grand Marnier. Even at this point we are never hurried along. We can still sit and enjoy our drinks, enjoy our conversation. I always feel so alive when I leave. Perhaps it's because it combines the best of both worlds - NYC & Paris. Who knows, but I do know that once a year is definitely not enough to go. My future is calling for upping the tradition.....I'm seeing once a month. Yes, that sounds much better. I like the sound of that.

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